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About Us

Tresor jewellery is back! With a brand new contemporary look and new modern web shop, we are ready to show you our collections.

In 1936 our grandfather started this company as a one-man business. However, it developed quickly to become a fully-fledged SME which retained its definite family character. The company is currently managed by my brother and I, the third generation of the family. So we’ve been coached all the tips and tricks by our grandfather and father. During the past 82 years, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how in the manufacturing of jewellery, pins, cufflinks, pendants, medals and awards. The fact that a jewel can be handled from the first idea or design until the finished product, all between the same 4 walls, makes the company unique.

Our team of 20 talented professionals set out the goal to make an attractive collection of silver jewellery with high-quality raw materials and modern machinery. Our focus is mainly on the quality of the jewels. The goal is to make sure that our jewellery is distinguished in a positive way compared to imported jewellery. In the past 82 years our focus has been on business-to-business. But thanks to our webshop, we can now concentrate on the business-to-customer part.

Our focus will be on the personalisation of jewellery. This is one of our strengths and we will certainly use this.

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